Personal Trade Supervision

As one of the core elements of any successful Code of Ethics program, oversight of Access Persons’ personal trading activity is essential. Glass has engineered its technology to allow Compliance professionals to manage their personal trade supervision requirements with minimal impact.

Two-Click Brokerage Integration

Limiting your employees to a few brokers is outdated. With Glass, you can connect to 2500+ brokerages in just a few clicks.

24/7 Picture Of Holdings and Transactions Across Connected Accounts

Users get near real time updates on the holdings and portfolio performance from their dashboard


Auto Reconciliation features

Before you start your day, Glass will provide a detailed summary of questionable activity so you can sort through it quickly.

Red Flag Management

Easily mark transactions as violations and include remidiation steps in one easy to use interface.

Flexible Restricted List Management

Our restricted list is flexible to enable every workflow. Take a macro view and restrict by asset type, upload a file, enter one-offs, or any combination to suite your needs.